How It Works In 5 Easy Steps

Design your own blend from the ground up by using our easy to use product builder on the CREATE page. You can also start off by using one or more of our professionally formulated PRE-DESIGNED TEMPLATES or any other blend as foundation.

Choose from our Product Options selection to personalise your shake or drink according to taste. Keep in mind that the allowable quantity of some of the active ingredients vary according to the type of blend you selected.

Make a selection from our repertoire of premium ingredients using our research backed ingredient specific information for guidance. This is just as easy as choosing different products from the shelf, but now you can choose only the ingredients you need, at the right quantity, in one convenient product. All the while being secure in the knowledge that we only stock unapologetically premium ingredients. Go ahead and experiment for yourself, our automated system will guide you along the way and prevent you from concocting a disastrous blend!

Specify the amount of servings you would like to buy and click CONTINUE. You now have the opportunity to personalise your custom printed label by giving your blend a name, telling us who the blend was made for and making reminder notes in the "Formulator's Notes" field. We also provide a "Describe Blend" section, where you may make off-label notes for future reference or to let your friends know why your blend is the ultimate one out there!

Click ADD TO CART and CHECKOUT to purchase your blend, using our secure PayU platform. Make sure to take advantage of our free delivery by specifying a valid delivery address and easily keep track of your order's progress under MY ACCOUNT. Finally, easily share your blends on the MY BLENDS page with your friends and help us to make your TAILORBLEND experience awesome by giving us your feedback!

Not confident enough to design your own blend yet?

We offer a range of professionally designed, ready-to-order blends that can each compete with any of the top retail products.
            Alternatively, get the best of both worlds and use one of our listed healthcare practitioners to design your blend for you, giving you access to the best money can buy. Your health is priceless.