Product Builder

Selecting different ingredients on the product builder to create a personalised blend is similar to choosing different nutraceutical products from the shelf. We adhere to South African legislation and regulations, ensuring the safety of the public and where the regulations fail to stipulate limits, TAILORBLEND protects the user by only allowing you to choose within toxicity and practical limits. We further research ingredient interactions continuously and our system will not allow you to create unsafe combinations if we should find such interactions within our ingredient offering.

Your objectives and knowledge level will determine which of our tools you'll find most beneficial:

  • Our Pre-Designed Blends section contains a comprehensive selection of professionally designed blends, ready to be ordered.
  • You can use any of the Pre-Designed Blends as a template, to modify and build on.
  • The ingredient specific information in the Product Builder, together with the functionality filter will guide you.
  • Our comprehensive Nutri-Science Info database has detailed information on each ingredient.
  • Our Blog Article section is an excellent place to learn more about nutrition and to interact with knowledgable people.
  • Our Practitioner Directory lists healthcare professionals who are signed up with TAILORBLEND and who can formulate a personalised blend just for you.

Absolutely! We go to great lengths to ensure your satisfaction with our products and if we failed for any reason, please return the product for a full refund. Refer to our refunds policy for the terms and conditions.

TAILORBLEND uses a unique, proprietary system to adjust the blend's recipe as you add active ingredients, to ensure that you receive the best product possible. Sometimes the amount of ingredients in the product base have to be increased to compensate for a praticular ingredient's characteristics. As we determine the price of the product according to a fixed blending fee plus a R / gram rate for each ingredient, it might have a large impact when a expensive ingredient, like Hilmar Whey Protein Concentrate, increases or decreases.

Each blend has a fixed price component, called the Blending Fee, to cover expenses such as labour, packaging, quality control etc. Each ingredient, including the non-active ingredients within the product base, has a Rand / gram rate, which is continuously applied as the live recipe is updated.

TAILORBLEND endeavours to provide you with the active ingredients in their purest, undiluted form. In instances where we have to add ingredients for practical reasons, we use high quality ingredients. An example is the case with our Drink base, where we have to add an ingredient to increase the volume of powder, just for you to be able to measure it accurately it home. For this purpose we use Fibersol-2(R), a quality soluble fibre, also available as an active ingredient. The product price, with no user-added active ingredients, is thus the sum of the Blending Fee and the ingredients already in the base, which are in turn influenced by product options you choose.


When you register as a practitioner, TAILORBLEND first has to verify your credentials before your account's functionality will be upgraded. Please make sure you provide us with sufficient information on registration and contact us if your account hasn't been upgraded within two working days.

Anybody who is currently working in the health and fitness industries and who would like to add the formulation of custom nutritional supplements to their repertoir of services to their clients.