Health Practitioners

TAILORBLEND offers health and nutrition practitioners the unique opportunity to increase the value they add for their clients. With TAILORBLEND, you can easily create, manage and prescribe bespoke blends of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients, perfectly alighned to your clients health needs.

Set up your account below, and we'll promptly verify you as a health practitioner, confirming your registration. Plus, you'll have the option to feature in our Practitioner Directory, increasing your visibility to potential clients.

Once registered, you're ready to tailorblend your very own personalised supplements for your clients! You can formulate a range of blend templates that fit your practice, or you might select a collection of blends from our pre-designed templates, or simply tailorblend your own supplements based on each client's unique wellness data. You can then send each client their novel product to order themselves.

We will connect you with one of our team members for ongoing 1:1 support, ensuring you have all the answers you need. 

Whether you use this service to give you a competitive edge in the market, or as a fee-based addition to your current service portfolio, TAILORBLEND will help you stand out from the rest. We're excited to begin this journey with you!


Technology Companies

TAILORBLEND is continuously exploring possible avenues on how to improve people's health and wellness. One of these avenues are synergistic relationships with other companies in order to create better products and services, to the benefit of our clients. Suggestions are welcome.

Become A Representative

Are you passionate about nutrition, health and wellness? If you would like to join the TAILORBLEND team as a representative, you are welcome to contact us to discuss possible opportunities.